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LOGO Explaination

With the wings of the eagle as the main body, the eagle is a symbol of power, bravery and victory.
That means Tianyi person have a pair of wings fly high in the sky.
With an eagle eyes and have intrepid spirit as eagle,
Can be a leader in the industry and have a broader market.
The sun on eagle wings have double meaning.
The symbol of the company all staff, under the guidance of leaders, flying at high altitude.
The sun symbolizes  bright, prosperous and hope, that means Tianyi Company will have a bright future!


Excellence And Innovation

We believe that professional laid the foundation of the enterprise,
Stimulate the vitality of enterprise innovation, Quality decides the fate of the enterprise.
Only go the way of professional innovation, adhere to brand strategy,
to ensure that enterprises in an impregnable position in the fierce competition.
Build quality is the soul of a manufacturing business,And do stronger business is the way of the company develop,
Make competitive products, provide satisfactory products to customers to win customers.
Insist on Leading-technology, quality first, customer supreme, good faith management.
Creating first-class products, and stronger to do big business.To be the leader of the market and then win the benefits.


Innovation, Realize self
Machinery manufacturing industry as a traditional areas have been developed for many years,
Accumulated a lot of theory and experience in time.
But With the development of the society, people's living standard is increasing day by day,
Various aspects of the increasingly strong demand for personalized.So only continue to blaze new trails,
has the advanced manufacturing technology.Just can let us in the fierce market competition.
Only the enterprise development, can provide a broader platform for employees.Promote employees value realization.
Enhancement enterprise, Repay society
Enterprise development did not forget it's origin,need to return the society.
Enhancement enterprise, Only the enterprise developed and strong,employees just can develop with the enterprise.
Enterprise development can not left the support of society.And enterprise can not forget return the society.This is not just                                                                                         give your love to society,It is the relationship of rights and obligations,Return to society is the responsibility of enterprise.

Business Goal

To be a strongest, largest manufacturer in China.
In order to improve the economic benefit,
Adapt to market changes and competition,
On the basis of prepare conveying equipment,
All-round development of crushing equipment, screening equipment,complete system ,etc
Strive for the international first-class creative enterprises and the lead manufacturer of China.

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