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LCMD long bag low pressure filter pulse type dust collector
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          LCMD long bag low pressure pulse type dust collector is a large efficient dust removal device with advanced technology featured by great processing amount of gas, good dust removal effect, high dust removal efficiency, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and small covering area. With an excellent performance, such dust collector is applied in air purification and material recovery in metallurgy, electric power, building materials, mine, cement, chemical engineering, carbon black, asphalt concrete mixing, boiler, and other industries. It is mainly composed of truss, dust hopper, middle box body, upper box body, blowing device, ladder and platform, inlet and outlet air pipes, PLC control system, 8 parts in total, with the working principle shown as below. The dust-contained gas enters from inlet, and when it passes through dust hopper, partial large-particles dust in the gas is separated out under the effect of inertia force and directly falls into the dust hopper. After passing through dust hopper, the dust-contained gas enters into the filter bag in the box, with gas passing through the filter gas and dust blocked on the outer surface of filter bag. With the extension of filtering time, the dust layer on the filter bag becomes thicker and thicker, and the dust removal device has an increasing resistance, when the resistance rises to the set value, the dust removal device starts to clean the dust. Electromagnetic pulse valve is powered on, and the compressed air expands in the upper box body rapidly in a very short time and  floods into the filter bag, to make the filter bag expanded and deformed to generated vibration, and under the effect of inverted draft, the dust on the outer surface of filter bag is stripped out and falls into the dust hopper. After completion of dust removal, electromagnetic pulse valve is powered off, and normal filter status, is recovered in each chamber, It is a dust removal cycle from the dust removal in the first chamber to starting of next dust removal, The dust after filtering and dust removal falls into dust hopper and then is discharged out of the hopper through gatevalve and star dust discharge valve, and then transported through conveyor  concentratedly. The gas after purification flows into the upper box body through filter bag opening and then is discharged from outlet.
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