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Cyclone dust collector
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        Cyclone dust collector is a kind of dust collection device, with the working principle shown as below: The dust-contained gas enters tangentially from the inlet; when the gas flow is in rotational movement, the upper and lower parts of gas flow are separated to form dual-vortex motion; and a strong separation effect is caused to the dust in the boundary of dual vortexes, with the coarse dust particles led to the external wall by the lower vortex gas flow, some led out from the middle hole of bypass separation room, and the remaining brought into dust hoper by downward gas flow. The upper vortex gas flow has the effect to gather the fine dust particles, so as to improve the dust collection efficiency. Such part of fine particles are led to upper part by upper vortex gas flow to form a strongly rotating upper dust ring under the cover ,enters into the upper hole of bypass separation room, and then is led into the cone body through return air inlet to converge with the internal air flow as a result, the cleaned gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe while the separated dust enters into hopper.
        Ordinary cyclone dust collector is composed of intake pipe, exhaust pipe, cylinder body, cone body and dust hopper. Cyclone dust collector is of simple structure and easy to be manufactured, installed and maintained, with lower investment and operation costs, so it has been widely applied in separation of solid from gas. Under ordinary operation conditions, the centrifugal force acting on the particles is 5~2500 times of gravity, so cyclone dust collector is obviously superior to gravity settling chamber in efficiency. In mechanical dust collectors, cyclone dust collector has the highest efficiency. It is applicable to the removal of non-viscous and non-fiber dust and mostly used for removal of the particles above 5.Tubular cyclone dust collector has 70-90% efficiency of dust collection. The cyclone dust collector composed of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant special metal of ceramic material can work under the temperature as high as 1000℃.Based on the consideration of technology, economy and other aspects, the pressure loss of cyclone dust collector is generally controlled to be 500~2000Pa.Therefore, it is a median-effect dust collector and also can be used for purification of high-temperature smoke. It is a widely used one mostly applied in coarse and medium dust cleaning in mechanical processing, metallurgy, building materials and mine excavation, flue gas dust removal, as well as multilevel dust control and preliminary dust removal. Its main disadvantage is: it has a low efficiency in removal of fine dust particles (<5).Our company mainly produces CLT/A and XLP-A(B) cyclone dust collectors (including explosion proof type).

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