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DMCC dust remover
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         DMCC bin pressure-relief (roof) pulse dust collector is mainly distributed in raw material conveying system, to separate and eliminate the dust contained in gas replaced and escaping due to raw material input in pin, therefore preventing air pollution and pollution dispersion, Based on installation type, bin pressure-relief (roof) pulse dust collector is classified into integral bin pressure-relief (roof) pulse dust collector and split bin pressure-relief (roof) pulse dust collector.
DMCC bin pressure-relief (roof) pulse dust collector is composed of filter chamber, gas cleaning chamber, dust removal device, gas bag, and other devices, with the working principle shown as below, the dust-contained gas enters into filter chamber from the open flange in lower part, with the coarse dust particles directly falling into ash bin, after the dust-contained gas is filtered by filter bag, the dust is blocked on the surface of bag, the cleaned gas runs to gas cleaning chamber through the bag opening to be discharged to air through blower. When the dust on the surface of filter bag increase continuously, the programmed controller starts to work, opening the pulse valves one by one and making the compressed air blow and clean the dust through nozzle, therefore, the filter bag will swell suddenly, and under the effect of back draught, the dust on the bag surface will fall from the gag rapidly and fall into the ash bin. In essence, bin pressure-relief (roof) pulse dust collector is the dust removal equipment of environmental engineering and also the end equipment of material conveying engineering.
        Through our continuous improvement, DMCC bin pressure-relief (roof) pulse dust collector has progressed a lot  in terms of dust-contained gas purification. With advanced ash cleaning technology and greatly increasing air-to-cloth ratio, it is featured by great processing amount of gas, small covering area, high purification efficiency, reliable work, simple structure, and less maintenance. Its efficiency of dust collection can reach as high as more than 99%.DMCC bin pressure-relief (roof) pulse dust collector is widely applied in metallurgy ,mine, machinery, cement, building material, food pharmacy, light industry, power, and other industries, and it is an ideal device to filter the particles in gas and the recovered dust  in technological process.
        Please refer to HMC(B)  for the parameters of DMCC bin pressure-relief(roof) pulse dust collector.
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