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HMC/DMC dust remover
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      D(H)MC single pulse dust collector is a bag filter with compressed air as dust cleaning power, in which, the compressed air is released from pulse blowing mechanism instantly to induce the secondary air in digit position to inject to filter bag at a high speed, to make the filter bag inflated rapidly to clean the dust depending on impact vibration and counterblast, This product is mainly composed of upper box body, middle box body, dust hopper, inlet pipe, support filter bag and blowing device dust discharge device, and etc. Dust-contained gas enters into the dust hopper from the inlet pip, and under the guide of dust hopper guiding device, large-particle dust is separated out and directly falls into the dust hopper, while the fine dust enters into middle box body evenly to be absorbed on the outer surface of filter bag, and the clean gas runs into the upper box body through filter bag and is discharged into the air through exhaust pipe. With the processing of filtering work, there is more and more dust accumulating on the filter bag, when equipment resistance reache3s the set vale (generally set as about 1200Pa), the dust cleaning control device will control to close the offline valve in first chamber automatically according to the set differential pressure value or set value of dust cleaning time, and then electric pulse valve will be started according to the set program to stop gas and start blowing, and the pressure inside the filter bag increases sharply in a very short time under the blowing of compressed air, so that the dust on the filter bag falls (even the fine dust can be cleaned thoroughly )to dust hopper to be discharged from dust discharge device. This product adopts terylene bag, its inlet temperature is smaller than 120℃,  , and the dust removal effect reaches as high as 99.8%.If for special application, temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant, antistatic filter material and explosion-proof single bag collectors can be provided.MC single pulse dust collector is widely applied in metallurgy, mine, machinery, cement, building, materials, food, pharmacy, light industry, photoelectricity and other industries. In addition, our company may provide customized production according to the customer requirements.

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