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PPCS plenum pulse cloth bag collector
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         PPCS plenum pulse cloth bag collector is a new product introduced from H.B. Fuller, which integrates the advantages of various bag filters like chamber anti-draught and pulse dust cleaning, and overcomes the disadvantages of insufficient chamber strength and synchronization of blowing pulse dust cleaning and filtering, Therefore, the application scope of bag collector is extended . With a special structure, such kind of dust collector has an improved dust collection efficiency and prolonged service life, Such kind of product can be widely applied in dust collection systems in cement plant crusher erection, warehouse roof, cold cooling machine and various grinding machines. Such products has 33 kind of specification in total, and the bags included in each chamber include 32 bags, 64 bags, 96bags, 128 bags, four types, and the filter bag length can be 1450mm, 2450mm, 3060mm, and so on, the efficiency of dust collection can reach as high as more than 99.98%, and the dust concentration in the purified gas is less than 50mg/Nm3. This product is mainly composed of shell, dust hopper, dust exhauster, support, pulse dust cleaning system, and other parts, with the working principle shown as below. After the dust-contained gas enters into dust collector from inlet, it will firstly encounter the sloping clapboard between the intlet and the outlet, the gas flow will change direction and flow into the dust hopper, and in the meantime, the gas flow has a reduced speed, due to the effect of inertia, the coarse-particle dust in the gas falls into the dust hopper, to play the role of duct pre-collection. The gas flow running to the dust hopper then moves upwards and passes through the filter bag provided with metallic framework internally, with the dust captured on the outer surface of filter bag and the purified gas entering into the cleaning chamber in the upper part of small bag chamber to bed accumulated in the air pipe then discharged. The shell is separated into several independent dust chambers by clapboards, and according to the given time, each dust chamber is subject to dust cleaning in turn. Each dust chamber is provided with a lift valve. When in dust cleaning, the lift valve is closed, to cust the filtered gas flow passing through such dust chamber, and then pulse valve starts to inject high pressure air into the small bag, to clean the dust on the outer surface of filter bag. The pulse blowing width and dust cleaning cycle of each dust chamber is controlled by exclusive programmed controller for dust cleaning.
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